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Rescue Me: Company Not Liable for Worker Injured in “Hot Bin” Explosion

In the recent case of Jentz v. ConAgra Foods, Inc., the Seventh Circuit held a property owner cannot be liable to a contractor invited on the property to redress an unsafe condition when the feared event occurs and causes injury. Jentz concerned an April 27, 2010 explosion at ConAgra’s grain bin in Chester, Illinois. ConAgra…

Architectural Collaboration (or Not)

No doubt architecture is a difficult field, with much often at risk when things go wrong. In law, if an attorney’s work doesn’t hold up, things only metaphorically collapse. I would no more presume to offer an architect technical advice in his or her field than I would offer it to a surgeon. On the…

Righting the Ship and Stating the Obvious: Good Samaritan Act Applies to Volunteers; No Immunity for Health Care Providers Even If Patient Is Not Billed for Services

Medical personnel providing emergency care, but not billing patient for such care, are not immune from liability under Illinois’ Good Samaritan Act. A Code Blue was called for an intensive care unit patient who had labored breathing and swallowing pain. Hospital’s emergency room physician responded to the Code Blue and attempted to intubate the patient….

CEOs Beware!

On a list of jobs likely to engender little sympathy in the United States today, chief executive officer (CEO) perhaps is up there with trial lawyers and Internal Revenue Service auditors in the category of “most reviled.”  Nonetheless, this blog entry offers a primer for CEOs on how to more effectively watch their backs and…


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